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Our Melbourne Campus

the coffee capital - a students dream

Melbourne captures the heart of Australia’s culture and is committed to creating an inclusive living and learning environment for students from all across the world. A safe, welcoming, and vibrant city, the sports capital has both a professional and personal global environment with incredible opportunities to create connections and gain experiences.

Dubbed the most ‘European’ of Australian cities, Melbourne’s charm lies in its diverse and lively suburbs, laid back appeal, and world-class street art. The unique city of Melbourne also radiates a mini New York vibe with its systematic grid and towering high-rises.

This cosmopolitan city boasts the finest cafes, diners, restaurants, and bars which is perfect for your inner foodie. Being a student living and working in Melbourne, there are so many new experiences waiting for you. Step onto the street as a learner, a tourist, an intern, a part-time employer, a hustler, a sport enthusiast, a coffee lover – Melbourne encourages you to be unique – just like it is.

The Melbourne Campus was established in 2018, and is the first Australian United Pop campus to join the growing Asia-Pacific region.

  • Affordable education and practical training
  • State-of-the-art equipment and facilities
  • Global industry connections