01 Sep 2022

Christina Simons

Photography Lecturer

An award-winning documentary photographer, Christina is driven by deeply-rooted societal issues like human rights and civil liberties. Her passion to explore sub-cultures and tell the stories of marginalized sections fuels her craft, and has led to benchmarks like ‘The Haiti Project’. Christina’s work has been featured at several exhibitions across the US, Australia, Spain, England, Russia, and Mexico.

With over 2 decades of experience, Christina’s skills encompass technical aspects of imagery, portraiture, studio lighting, image editing, photojournalism, and much more. She has perfected her craft by working with prestigious names like The New York Times, The Guardian UK, and volunteering for the causes of MSF Mexico and UNICEF Australia. Under her guidance, students learn the nuances of visual arts by observing the world through her eyes. Her insights into key issues and cultural enigmas reflect in her teaching style, making it highly engaging and motivating.