Lecturer Category: Screen and Media

31 Aug 2023

Alicia Pavlis

Screen & Media Lecturer

Photographer, DoP, Writer, Director, Producer, Actor… 
Alicia Pavlis is an actor and emerging filmmaker who has appeared in several Australian TV series’ including; Glitch, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Fat Tony & Co., Winners & Losers, and feature film Predestination. Her directorial debut Apparition won Best Indie Short with New York International Film Awards in 2022. Alicia also produced and edited the short.

With over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry, Alicia is a highly respected and in-demand filmmaking and acting coach, and has worked as an actor, voice over artist, screenwriter, content producer, director, photographer, casting professional, and musician.

Alicia launched Reel Photographs in 2015 with a vision to produce boutique content specialising in photography, videography, and editing services, including; headshots, portraiture, fashion photography, and also voice over recording and audio editing services.

Alicia has spent many years honing her craft and keeps a keen eye on changing trends in the film and entertainment industries, continually in a state of learning by attending conferences and workshops, developing content, and staying connected to her creative peers. Alicia is passionate about helping artists create exciting and engaging work that caters to the modern ever changing creative landscape.

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02 Sep 2022

Darren Wood

Photography Lecturer

With years of experience in commercial photography, Darren Wood is the name synonymous with ‘perfect headshots’. He majorly caters to corporate clients who need impeccable portraits for their marketing campaigns, corporate publications, events, and annual reports. Darren has also helped prominent fashion designers and social influencers with professional photography for Look Books, Media Kits, and Fashion Shows.

Darren further enhances his craft by training amateur photography enthusiasts at his weekly Boot Camps in Melbourne. He specializes in designing curriculums that focus on key aspects of photography spread over bite-sized lessons. His love for photography and dedication to the ‘perfect shot’ are entwined with his lessons, making him a great instructor to learn from.

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