01 Sep 2023

Keen to study in Melbourne Australia? Peruse our ‘frequently asked questions’ for a little insight

Q: Why study in Melbourne, Australia?

A: Simple really! World class, nationally and globally recognised education and qualifications in the creative industries within a thriving, creative and inspiring city.

Q: What visa do I need?

A: You will require a Student Sub Class 500 visa to study in Australia.

Other Visa options are:

Tourist Visa (600)

WHV- Working Holiday Visa (Either 417 or 462) which allow people to study up to 3 months

Q: What happens if the visa does not get granted?

A: In the case of a student visa, the student is entitled for a full refund of the tuition fees (less the enrolment fee) and a full refund of the OSHC, however the visa fee (A$650.00) would not be refunded.

Q: What is the timeline?

A: For European Countries it can take from 2 to 3 months however some visas can be granted automatically.

Student (subclass 500) visas – within 16 days

o  Temporary Skilled Shortage (subclass 482) visas – within 21 days

o  Employer-sponsored visas for healthcare and education professionals – within 1 day

o  Working Holiday visas (offshore/outside of Australia) – within 1 day

Q: What are the class times and timetables?

A: Whilst days of attendance will vary from course to course, full time study is 2 days a week on campus. Blended learning.

Q: Which study possibilities do students from abroad have? Do they need a visa, is it easy to get one, do you help with the process?

Yes, we can help with the visa application process. We work with a visa consultant that guides and assists students with the process.

In order to study in Australia, students must apply for a student visa (Subclass 500). The cost of this visa is approximately A$650.

Q: What exactly does the course fee cover?

A: This covers the tuition fee only.

Extra costs include:

  • OSHC- Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Visa Fee
  • Medical Examinations (only if required)
  • Translations to English (for example academic transcripts, resume etc)
  • Some students may also be required to demonstrate financial capacity for the length of their studies (Approx. 21k per year)

Q: When do your classes start and how many times a year?

A: We have 3 scheduled intakes per year –




A trimester is 13 weeks

Q: What are the other benefits of living in Australia?

  • The student visa allows students to work legally which includes the award and hourly rates etc
  • Transport (free tram zone)
  • Leisure (Like trips to Great Ocean Road, Surf Camps, etc)
  • Melbourne is a lively city known for its art, culture, music and food!
  • It is very cosmopolitan city with many international people studying, working and living as permanent residents.
  • It has a thriving arts and music scene and has a lot of growth and opportunity for work.
  • Voted the most liveable and friendliest city in Australia and the world!

Q: Can students earn a Bachelor Degree?

A: Yes, we have pathways with Higher Education providers.

Specifically Collarts and Victoria University. Students can obtain a recognition of prior learning once they have completed the Advanced Diploma in a specific course.

Q: How can we connect students?

A: Sending an email to melbourne@united-pop.com.au to reach out is a good first step, next we can organise communications through WhatsApp, Zoom, organising an information session.

We are happy to connect via any platforms the students are currently  using.

Q: Student Accommodation?

A: Whilst we dont specifically organise accommodation for students, there areplanty of options around the campus in the heart of the city. We are always happy to help connect students with real estate agents, accommodation groups etc

Q: Are jobs facilitated at UPOP?

A: We often offer positions to students whom are excelling in their courses as a way to provide employment but also real life experience for future job prospects.

Let the creative adventure begin!