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The Devils (tri)tone

Meet the tritone – an interval so dissonant that it’s earned the nickname ‘The Devil’s Interval’

2 minute read

Unlocking the Creative Power of the Right Hemisphere of the Brain

The right hemisphere takes the lead in realms like creativity, imagination, and holistic perception.

3 minute read

Keen to study in Melbourne Australia? Peruse our ‘frequently asked questions’ for a little insight

Keen to study Down Under?
Not sure how?
Peruse our FAQ’s for a little insight.

Why a private college is a complete game changer!

1:1 not 300:1 – Why a private college is a complete game changer!

3 minute read

NFT Art: Hype or goldmine?

NFT’s – it’s not uncommon that the term is still fuzzy to many people and they can’t get to grips with the concept. Let’s dive in!

3 minute read

How to keep that creative spark alive!

In the world of creative expression, whether it’s crafting music, capturing captivating photos, or producing compelling videos, staying motivated and inspired is essential for continuous growth and innovation.

3 minuted read